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About PHP

In the United States, our product is called HEPZATO KIT™ (melphalan) for Injection/Hepatic Delivery System (HDS). In Europe, our commercial, medical device product is called CHEMOSAT® Hepatic Delivery System for Melphalan percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP).

Liver-directed high dose chemotherapy evolved from a highly invasive open surgical procedure known as Isolated Hepatic Perfusion (IHP) to a minimally invasive procedure known as percutaneous hepatic perfusion (PHP). During PHP, catheters are placed percutaneously and the liver is temporarily isolated from the body’s circulatory system, during which time a 30 minute infusion of the chemotherapeutic agent HEPZATO (melphalan) directly to the liver occurs. The blood is filtered through Delcath’s proprietary filters to remove excess melphalan as it leaves the liver, and is then returned to systemic circulation.

Delcath’s percutaneous targeted, whole-organ treatment delivers a select high-dose chemotherapy agent directly to the liver, while controlling systemic side effects, by filtering the chemotherapeutic agent from the blood before returning it to the patient.

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