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Expanded Access Study of Melphalan CS-PHP with Delcath System in Patients With Ocular/Cutaneous Melanoma Mets to Liver

The safety and efficacy of CS-PHP-melphalan has been evaluated in a phase 3 trial conducted in the same patient population as well as using the same melphalan dosing as proposed in this study. This expanded access protocol will provide an experimental alternative treatment option for both physicians and patients until the Delcath CS-PHP System receives marketing approval.

Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma in the Liver (Ocular and Cutaneous) With Melphalan

This trial took place at the National Cancer Institute, University of Maryland Medical Center, Albany Medical Center, St. Luke’s Cancer Center of Bethlehem, Morristown Memorial Hospital, University of Texas Medical Branch, Moffitt Cancer Center, John Wayne Cancer Center, Providence Health Systems, and the Swedish Medical Center.

Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Treatment of patients with tumors in the liver with melphalan: hepatocellular carcinoma (primary liver cancer), metastatic adenocarcinomas, and neuroendocrine tumors in the liver and patients with metastatic ocular and cutaneous melanoma who received prior regional melphalan therapy; study taking place at the National Cancer Institute.

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